Jiangsu Mobile To Introduce Room Air Conditioning Emerson

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HC HVAC & R Network For room air-conditioning, people in addition to concerns about its reliability, security, maintainability, and other basic performance, more and more attention to it Energy Environmental value. Recently learned that Jiangsu Mobile to New District in Nanjing Pukou BOSS room playing air-conditioning system caused an efficient and safe, green energy of a typical project, in one fell swoop into a large number of their business brand Emerson (NYSE: EMR), "business-critical All Security TM "a global leader in Emerson Network Energy Its series of precision air conditioning products Liebert.PEX.

Computer room air conditioning is the most critical rooms Environment Conditioning system, which protect the engine room for the safe operation of equipment plays an important role in protection of the Lord, therefore, its reliability, security, maintainability is very important. At the same time, the typical computer room air conditioning is a major energy consumer research shows that the energy consumption of air-conditioning systems account for 38% of the total energy consumption room. In addition, the system uses Refrigerants And noise greater impact on the surrounding environment. With the implementation of national energy conservation policy and industry popularity of green concept, people are increasingly concerned about the energy efficiency of room air conditioning and environmental protection.

Nanjing, Jiangsu Mobile in building high-tech zones Pukou BOSS room air conditioning system, the higher the equipment proposed green selection requirements. After in-depth comparative study of Jiangsu Mobile finally decided to use Emerson Network Power brand refrigeration products, in one fell swoop into the large volume Liebert.PEX series precision air conditioning system. It is reported that, Liebert.PEX series precision air conditioning systems, Emerson Network Power was based on its global R & D platform to create and design a new generation of precision air-conditioning, the products have high energy efficiency, save room space and intelligent control, diversification of configuration and other new features Jiangsu Mobile to build fully meet the high security, green energy efficient room air-conditioning system applications.

Specifically, Liebert.PEX series of precision air conditioning with the industry's leading far IR Humidifier, humidification fast, to adapt to poor water quality, low maintenance; highly efficient and stable COPELAND scroll Compressor For environmental protection refrigerant; large-scale V-evaporation tube, rapid dehumidification design, energy-saving effect is remarkable; new full speed air-cooled Condenser Effectively reduce noise; detachable carrying the body to maintain 100% positive, save room floor space, and so on. These advantages, it will give customers the greatest value. Currently, the products in China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom are widely used in municipal office based in China in the power room air conditioner market, a good "green" brand.

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Jiangsu Mobile To Introduce Room Air Conditioning Emerson

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This article was published on 2010/09/30