Home Lighting That Varies From Room to Room

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There are many different areas inside the home. There's the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom. Each of these areas serves different purposes and it is for this reason that home lighting should vary from room to room.

The living room is a fantastic hub for entertaining and relaxing. You should give it a lighting that surrounds the whole room. You should place an overhead light in the middle of the room, a few recessed lights in the corner and some table lamps on the side. Lighting should be flexible so you can switch easily from bright to subtle for your entertaining and relaxing activities, respectively.

The kitchen will need bright illumination most of the time. This is to allow safe cooking and food preparations. Countertops should be very well lighted so chopping and slicing can be done without any accident. Kitchen stove tops should be given bright and direct illumination to avoid having burnt food.

The dining room is another area where flexible home lighting should take place. This area is often used for entertaining so a cozy set of lights can make for a relaxing and hearty dinner. At other times, it is used as a working space where kids do homework or where parents finish their reports.

The bedroom should be given different layers of light. A bright one in the middle of the room will allow you to pack things clearly for your luggage when you travel the next day or it will let you clean your room at night. Bedside lamps will give you focused lights so you can catch up on some readings. Soft lights from wall sconces will allow your body to adjust to sleeping time.

Lastly, the bathroom should be given bright luminance over its different areas like shower, sink and toilet. Recessed lights are often used on such specific areas. Wall sconces are a staple in the vanity mirror. A small chandelier or pendant light can add a little charm inside a bath with a tub. Lights in this room should be adjustable to a dim to create a soothing effect.


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Home Lighting That Varies From Room to Room

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This article was published on 2010/09/23