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Dressing rooms have been in department stores for about one hundred years.  Although much of the rest of the department stores have changed, dressing rooms haven’t changed much.  A trend has emerged in retail, and it has the potential to change the way many stores are doing business.

A shift in the retail shopping experience has been geared toward shopping as a family. Some retailers are now providing bigger shopping carts to accommodate several children, and some stores are even equipped with specialized areas for kids. The latest incarnation in the trend of family shopping is larger family dressing rooms.

Family dressing rooms are designed to accommodate several members of the family, and they are typically bigger than the average size dressing room.  The extra space gives parents a little extra room to accommodate kids, as well as strollers and diaper bags.

For most retailers, it doesn’t take very much to add in a family changing room.  Functionally, these rooms are basically the same; they just require a little more floor space and a few more accessories.  Using a very streamlined method of building called modular construction, family dressing rooms are an incredibly easy addition.

Unlike other methods of fabrication, modular construction builds the dressing room in a factory.  This means a faster and more efficient building process, and the components are shipped to the store where they are easily installed.  Furthermore, modular dressing rooms offer the flexibility to be stand- alone dressing rooms or used with existing walls.

Good dressing rooms should be equipped with a few accessories that will greatly enhance the shopping experience.  Full- length mirrors are a basic requirement, and three- panel mirrors are a preferred upgrade.  Additionally, good lighting helps customers look their best, and when positioned correctly can help increase customer sales. 

Lastly, dressing rooms should have a bench and hooks.  The bench is a requirement for ADA- compliant rooms and also gives customers a place to put their personal belongings and can aid in trying on clothes.  Hooks in the fitting rooms serve a quintessential role by allowing customers to sort their potential clothing purchases on the hooks.  This aids in the decision- making process and ultimately helps keep the dressing room clean.

In conclusion, adding a family dressing room is a great addition to the fitting room area of retail stores.  These dressing rooms are great for families, and modular construction offers a fast and cost- effective solution for adding them to your store.

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Family Dressing Rooms

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This article was published on 2013/11/04