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Plug in diffusers can be a great alternative to candles and other items meant to give your home a fresh, pleasing aroma. Most people love scented candles but if you have a busy home with kids and pets, they are not really a good choice. There are alternatives but most of those have serious drawbacks. Scented sprays can be too strong for the first few minutes and then will quickly fade. They can often contain chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and according to recent research, are more harmful to the human body than previously thought. Solid air fresheners have many of the same drawbacks plus tend to dry up and just become unsightly far too quickly.

A reed diffuser is comprised of a small glass jar that holds a scented liquid and several thin reeds. The reeds draw the liquid up and then the scent is allowed to waft around the room, giving a subtle scent that is not overpowering. The problem with these is that they are often knocked over and can be spilled. Since most of them use an oil based scent, the potential for staining is increased. Having a plug in variety eliminates this risk plus it does not take up space on a table or shelf.

There are a lot of different scents to choose from, but before you go buying one for every room, make sure that you are considering how those scents will work with one another. For instance, if the scent in one room is spicy and the scent in the next room is floral and tropical, it might be jarring. Don't use too many scents in one room or too many diffusers in a small space. Remember, you can't use a diffuser to cover up a room that really needs a good cleaning.

Because they are plugged in, some people might be worried that they draw too much electricity and can increase your bill. To be honest, the amount of power they need is nominal at most and is nothing to be concerned with. If you compare the cost of the diffuser plus usage to the cost of all of the sprays, solids and other fragrances that you might use in your home, you might be completely shocked.

There are some diffusers that are meant to be practically invisible, never seen or noticed but always, scenting the air.  There are others that are meant to be attractive and can become part of the décor. Your choice in plug in diffusers will depend on your personal tastes and needs.

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Choosing Plug in Diffusers

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This article was published on 2011/06/27